It’s Not Your Mother’s Crown…Digital Dentistry in Laguna Hills

Dentistry has changed considerably over the years – especially when it comes to crowns. If you have suffered a cracked tooth or deep cavities that needed root canals, you probably are very familiar with the process of being fitted for a crown – a “cap” for the tooth to protect it from further decay and health conditions resulting from the original problem.

In the past, getting a crown has involved several trips to the dentist – one for them to make a mold of your teeth and put in a temporary crown to fill the space, and others (hopefully just once) to actually fit your permanent crown. The process could take a couple of weeks, depending on the time it would take to fabricate your new tooth.

Now, the process can be completed in one visit, thanks to digital dental technology introduced over the last few years. Known as CAD/CAM (computer aided design – computer aided manufacturing) software, your dentist can take a 3D picture of the affected tooth and the surrounding area, and, based on the data gathered, the software will propose and render your new crown in 3D. Your dentist can then fine-tune the new crown right on the screen. Once he or she is happy with the results, the details are sent to a “milling” machine that will reproduce your crown out of a ceramic block, ready to be bonded in place.

Voila – you have a new crown in less than a few hours!

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