Put your missing teeth behind you with tooth replacement options

put your missing teeth behind you with tooth replacement options

Were you aware that most adults below the age of 65 have had at least three decayed or missing teeth? When patients are missing one or more teeth, they may not believe there are reasons to replace them. However, it is important for many reasons. Not only does it cause unwanted gaps between your teeth, but it can also cause the shifting of the other teeth. This can impact the way the bite aligns and functions. Additionally, missing teeth can affect the ability to eat and speak effectively. With the care and attention of our dentists at Laguna Hills Dental in Laguna Hills, CA, patients with missing teeth can find affordable and reliable restorations to repair their smiles with a wide range of tooth replacement options.

What types of restorations are available for replacing missing teeth?

There is no “one size fits all” option for every patient due to their unique circumstances. By evaluating a patient’s oral health, budget, and desires, our team can help you make a choice that fits your needs. Below are some of the more popular solutions that are available at Laguna Hills Dental:

  • Dentures – in our Laguna Hills, CA practice, patients on a budget or those who want a removable restoration may want to ask about the benefits of dentures. Dentures may include partial dentures or full dentures, depending on how many teeth are missing from the smile. These appliances are made of either acrylic, metal, or a combination of the tooth, and use false teeth to replace one, several, or all the teeth in the dental arch. Dentures are often covered by dental insurance plans, making them the most economical solution for many of our patients with benefits.
  • Dental bridges – sometimes, patients want a more permanent option to one or more missing teeth in a row. Dental bridges in Laguna Hills are often made of porcelain, a material that mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel. The dental bridge uses porcelain crowns on each side fused with false teeth. The crowns cover the adjacent teeth, which hold the false tooth or teeth within the arch for replacement.
  • Dental implants – in Laguna Hills, CA, the patients considering the top-of-the-line solution for tooth loss will want to speak to our doctors about the benefits of dental implants. Dental implants are titanium metal posts placed into the jaw’s bone and restored over the top with a crown to replace a single tooth. Dental implants might also be used for one or both sides of a dental bridge. In some situations, our patients might benefit from implant-supported dentures, which use four dental implants along the arch to place a more conservative denture. This is the gold standard in tooth replacement when patients are missing all the teeth in the dental arch, as these implant-supported dentures are more conservative and more accessible to adjust to than traditional full dentures. To be a candidate for dental implants, patients should have sufficient bone for successful placement.

Schedule a visit with our dentist in Laguna Hills to discuss your needs

If you are in need of tooth replacement, it might be time to speak to a professional about the options available to you for restoring the smile’s function, appearance, and health. Contact Drs. Millard Roth, and Dr. Anand Parekh of Laguna Hills Dental to find out more about the reasons to replace your missing teeth and the solutions that can be used. Our team is located at 24741 Alicia Parkway, Suite A, and can be reached by calling (949) 855-0450 for an appointment. We are open to new and current patients.

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