The Sensations Experienced with a Toothache and how to find Relief

the sensations experienced with a toothache and how to find relief

If there’s one thing that can ruin your day, it’s a toothache. Waking up and experiencing severe throbbing and discomfort in the mouth can become a serious issue that impacts your ability to get through the day at work or school. When patients are experiencing the symptoms of a toothache, they must call their dentist in Laguna Hills, CA for an evaluation and treatment. Drs. Millard Roth, and Dr. Anand Parekh of Laguna Hills Dental in Honali Plaza are here to help new and returning patients who are experiencing a toothache.

What are some of the problems experienced that indicate a toothache?

The most typical indication of a toothache is just that: an aching of the tooth. This ache might be mild, constant, or come and go. It can throb or cause jolts in the mouth that might be extremely painful and distracting. Some of the other signs of a problem that might occur alongside a toothache include:

• Radiating pain through the ear, chin, neck, or head
• Swollen gums or lymph nodes
• A fever
• Loosening of the tooth or discomfort in the general area of pain
• Sensitivity to biting, chewing, hot, or cold
• Facial swelling
• Abscesses

How do you get relief from a painful tooth sensation?

To obtain relief from a toothache, it is critical that patients call their dentist as soon as possible to get in for a same-day appointment and evaluation. X-rays may be taken to determine the cause of the problem and help provide a definitive diagnosis. Once the problem is diagnosed, patients then speak to their dentist at Laguna Hills Dental about the various options to relieve themselves of the discomfort and restore their oral health.

How much aspirin do I take for a toothache?

Aspirin alone will not address a toothache. It can be taken to alleviate discomfort, however, until the patient is able to get into the dental office for assistance. Aspirin should be taken as directed on the packaging or as recommended by the dentist when calling for an emergency appointment.

What if there is a toothache where there is no tooth?

If you are experiencing a toothache in an area where there is no tooth, you may be experiencing what is known as phantom tooth pain. Phantom tooth pain can be lingering, chronic pain that occurs in an area of the mouth where dental work has been performed. This can happen after extractions and other invasive dental surgeries. It is a result of a dysfunctioning or damaged nerve in the tooth that is continuing to send pain signals to the brain, even though the tooth is no longer present. Because there is no physical issue causing the problem, dentists may prescribe medication to manage the pain until it resolves. However, the entire area will be evaluated to ensure it is not referred pain from another tooth or part of the mouth where an actual problem exists.

What can be done about a toothache?

The reason for the toothache will determine the treatment that will be performed. For example, an abscess or infected tooth may require a procedure such as root canal therapy to address the problem, while a toothache caused by a large cavity will require a filling.

Call a dentist in Laguna Hills regarding your concerns A toothache is a sign of a serious problem in many instances and requires the assistance of a quality dental provider to offer relief. If you have a toothache and are in need of immediate dental care, we welcome you to call Laguna Hills Dental to request an appointment. The office is located at 24741 Alicia Parkway, Suite A, and can be reached by calling (949) 855-0450.

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